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foie gras au Bistro des Lettres


Immerse yourself in the captivating atmosphere of Bistro des Lettres, nestled in the heart of the legendary Saint-Germain district in Paris.

Our establishment invites you to an authentic culinary experience, where classic French flavors meet a contemporary twist. In a discreetly elegant setting, our team of passionate chefs transform the best local ingredients into dishes that will awaken the taste buds.

From the delicious leek vinaigrette to the legendary Beef Rossini , each plate is a love letter to French cuisine.


Accompany your meal with an exquisite selection of French wines or a refined cocktail, and let yourself be carried away by the timeless charm of Saint-Germain.

Welcome to Bistro des Lettres, where each meal is a celebration of the Parisian art of living

Bistro des Lettres
table privee


Would you like to exclusively reserve a space for a special occasion, such as a birthday, dinner with friends or family, or other event?


Located in the basement of Bistro des Lettres, you will find an elegant private table, ideal for a group of guests, next to a remarkable wine cellar. It's a real warm corner of the neighborhood, where it's nice to sit down in an atmosphere that reflects the charm of a welcoming and friendly place.

Bistro des Lettres


At Bistro des Lettres, we believe in the magic of memorable moments. This is why we offer our guests a unique experience: the possibility of immortalizing their thoughts, their dreams and their emotions through a letter.


Imagine, a year later, receiving this letter at home, as a sweet reminder of this moment spent among us, like a journey through time where memories come to life. Each meal thus becomes an even more precious experience, where delicious French cuisine mixes with the promise of an adventure to come.

Write your story after each meal, one letter at a time, creating unforgettable memories in the heart of our retro bistro.

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