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Bistro des Lettres
Bistro des Lettres
Bistro des Lettres
Your new culinary experience in Paris - A one-of-a-kind French bistro

Between tradition and innovation

Our menu, a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, invites you to explore the delights of Parisian bistros revisited with a touch of contemporary creativity. Whether you are a lover of timeless classics or a culinary adventurer looking for new flavors, you will find what you are looking for among our creations.


A moment of emotion

Immerse yourself in the experience of sharing tapas and carefully selected products, ideal for moments of conviviality with friends or family. Our dishes, concocted with passion, are designed to amaze your taste buds with every bite.

A sublime meal

Accompany your culinary discoveries with a selection of wines as diverse as they are attractive, ranging from established values to little-known gems. And for those looking for new sensations, let yourself be tempted by our cocktails, where original creations and great classics come together in style.

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